Since SEOBacklinkz offers link building service which is a virtual/non-tangible irrevocable goods, we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the service is delivered as described. As a client, you are considered to have understood this upon purchasing any service.

However, we realize that exceptional circumstances may arise with regard to the character of the service offered.

Only in the following conditions is SEOBacklinkz able to honor your request for a refund: 

Non-Delivery of Service/Order: In some instances, the processing times are slower, and it may take a little longer for your orders to complete. In this case, we recommend using our Contact Us Or You can use chatting bar on the Dashboard form for assistance.
Claims for non-delivery should be submitted to our support department in/within 5 days from the order due date and we will get back at you with reasons for the delay and the final proposed date of completion, please bear with us. But you can be sure that no matter what, we will always get your order fulfilled, even if it takes more time. Just please bear with us.

Service Not As Described: Issues as this should be reported to our support department within 5 days from the date of the delivery of the service. Clear evidence must be provided proving that the purchased service is not as it is described on the website.

  • We ensure an optimal satisfaction of our clients’ needs. And we are able to refund you if we do not deliver as described.
  • Our full SEO Services have a 2-6 weeks refund policy. We are able to refund you if you experience no significant boost in your website rankings in SERPs within this time for already ranked website provided you are not engaging in other spammy link building or we confirm you have not given your SEO work to another firm or individual.
  • For websites with no significant rankings we indulge you have patience for at least 3 weeks. We totally indulge a SAFE and Clean (White-Hat) approach to rank your website, so we are in no rush at all to giving temporary results. “Sure you don’t want a temporary rankings too”.
  • Also, a good OnPage SEO score especially in relation to your keywords is also essential and contributes to the success of OffPage SEO work, so we recommend you also look into the OnPage recommendations we send along with your order delivery. You can also contact LinkBoosterz if you will need help customizing the OnPage factors.
  • Before issuing any refund, kindly contact our Customer Support, You can use chatting bar on the Dashboard and we will get back at you within 24 hours of receiving your request (during working days).
  • If we noticed you gave your service to our company and another company/individual/group simultaneously, we might/will not be able to refund you due to this.
  • On the contrary, a one-shot SEO Campaign might not just be enough to rank your site, so it is more advisable you contact us to know our recommendation for you and your business.

We respect our clients and ensure you get the best value for your money. However, complaints merely based on customer’s false wishes or expectations are not honored.
Our support team is ever ready to assist you and give a timely and highly professional support.

NOTE: SEOBacklinkz reserves the right to look vividly into your refund request and also present you with liable factors hindering the SERP movement of your website. Kindly ensure every outlined factors are duly attended to.

Thank you for purchasing from us.