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Increase Web Traffic From Europe Visitors

Buy Europe website traffic to increase your European clients. Seobacklinkz campaign signal gives real active web traffic to grow website organically.

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A website stands no point of genuine existence without traffic. Seobacklinkz’s Europe website traffic campaign strategy is the most reliable UK website traffic provider. Your EUROPE website traffic will increase in a few hours with our service.

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Many USERs visited your website, a low website bounce rate is always better, as a visitors return rate, and a high time view pages. Increasing European website traffic also means boosting website ranking in UK signals. Increase them with Seobacklinkz Website Traffic!!

Buy Europe Website Traffic
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Europe Web Traffic

100% AdSense SAFE

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Real visitors, Unique IP

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Real & High-quality visitors

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Website traffic means the number of individuals who visit your website regularly or the new visitors landed on your website through different search engines.


We start processing your order as soon as you complete the purchase. Your order is completed within the estimated delivery time that we show on the service page.


We guarantee a refund for your order if we can not deliver it within the estimated delivery time( if it's further than three days). For further details, please read our Refund Policy.


You can pay with your credit card through the most secure and trusted payment systems in the world. You don’t have to register to make your payment.


Buying our website traffic gives your website access to our proprietary algorithm, which will find visitors interested in your website and redirect the visitors to your page according to your content.


Seobacklinkz website traffic service is Safe for Google Ads with active visitors and real website traffic. We guarantee you that all the website traffic will be trackable through Google Analytics.


We give 24/7 live client support. You can communicate with us anytime via our embedded messager chat system, WhatsApp, and email address. Our staff is always ready to help you.


In order for your order interactions to be tracked rightly after your purchases, you shouldn't buy the same products from different sites contemporaneously.
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How to Buy Website Traffic From SeoBacklinkz?

It’s easy to purchase website traffic from SeoBacklinkz. All you have to do is follow the steps below to get started with your order:

  • Step: 1.


First, ‘Select the Website Traffic Type’ you want to receive on your site. Again, it can be ‘organic or referral,’ depending on what you think would work best for you.

  • Step: 2.


Then, you have to ‘Select the Searching Engine’ if you selected organic and If you selected Referral, you can choose from two options ‘World Wide or America & Europe’ website traffic.

  • Step: 3.


If you’ve chosen the referral traffic option, select the referral site from where you want your visitors to come. And If you’ve chosen the organic option, provide your keywords below. Now you can jump to the ‘Select Quantity’ menu if you’ve chosen the target option.

  • Step: 4.


Now you have to select the quantity of website traffic you would like to receive. You can choose between 1,000 and 100,000 website visitors.

  • Step: 5.


You can now click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button to buy something else from our website. if you’d like to complete your purchase click above ‘Check Out’ and complete your order.

Buy Europe website traffic

That’s it! You’ve now successfully placed an order at SeoBacklinkz. Your website traffic will start arriving within a few moments. The process is straightforward and doesn’t take longer than five minutes. Still, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact uswe’re here for you!

Pay for Qualified Europe Website Traffic

Buy Europe website traffic to increase your European clients. Website traffic is measured to see the popularity of websites and individual pages or sections within a site, So if you are not receiving lots of quality traffic then it all counts for nothing! Let us handle your web traffic campaign for your business.


Imagine having thousands of potential customers looking at your website starting today!! Every website needs the best quality, targeted website traffic to succeed and make sales. If people are not browsing through your website, there is no hope that you will generate any sales. In order to boost exposure to your site and generate good results today, you need to buy website visitors… And we’re here to give you the best service you deserve, It comes down to a numbers game. The more traffic you have, the more people will execute a transaction on your website – whether it is a purchase, free trial, or option Signup

Europe Web Traffic

Purchase Website Traffic for Any Website

We can deliver Website traffic to any website you have. If you are looking for a way to generate active website visitors to your website, Seobacklinkz had your back.

Blog Website Traffic

e-Commerce Website Traffic

Gambling Website Traffic

Paid Website Traffic

Social Media Website Traffic

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
General Information

How do you drive traffic to my website?

We put your website into our proprietary algorithm that will find matching domain’s niche and category as well as the related keywords, and redirect the visitor to your page according to your content. We also use popup Ads, Paid Ads, Social Media Share, etc.


Anthony is looking for a new car > Anthony lands on one of our domains> We show your page to Anthony.

Can I promote an adult website?

Adult websites are welcomed as long as they abide by legal regulations for adult content.

What kind of traffic am I going to receive? Is your traffic safe to use with Adsense?

All visitors sent by Seobacklinkz are 100% real. You will never receive traffic from bots, proxies, data centers, or any other kind of fake hits; people may see your page more than once, but this campaign will only consider unique visitors.
The traffic will be Direct (without referrer) in order to ensure the maximum level of compatibility with affiliations and advertising services; that’s why it is totally safe to use Adsense or any other advertising network you may host on your website.

What kind of links can I promote, and which ones are not allowed?

Although you are entitled to promotion of almost any kind of website and links (affiliations CPA offers, blog, etc…) some restrictions are applied.
We cannot accept:
. Linkbucks, Adfocus, and similar services
. Pages automatically download any type of file without visitors’ consent
. Pages or websites that don’t adhere to legal international regulations.
. Pages prompting to perform an action before showing content
. Youtube videos or channels (You can embed videos in your website without problems)
. any kind of page or link containing or spreading malware (sorry to state the obvious, but some really do put malware on their page to infect visitors. If that happens, we will terminate the campaign.)
If you are not sure whether your website can be promoted or if it contains invalid content, feel free to send us a message with the URL and we will be happy to check it for you.

What about my privacy? Do you disclose any of my details to anyone?

We take privacy very seriously and won’t ever disclose any kind of details or information about our Customers to anyone.

Will I receive traffic from China?

Absolutely not. We don’t own any Chinese domains, and we also apply further protections against Chinese spammers.

How can I track the visitors? Do you provide any proof?

On activation, you will be given a shortener link with tracking features that will be used by this service in order for you to keep track of the visits which are by Us.
You will also be able to track the visits straight from your tracking service, such as Google Analytics. If you don’t know about this, please refer to the “Tips and Tricks” section to learn more.
In case the link you will provide us with will be already shortened, or an affiliate link that cannot be shortened, we will let you know and activate your link as-is without tracking.

<We have been largely acclaimed for our Customer Support, you can feel safe in knowing that you will receive assistance in case of problems. It may occur when dealing with codes, Analytics, and online services – and -we will be ready to help you troubleshoot your issues- and propose the best solution for them. -We count on your cooperation to keep up the service!->

How many visitors should I expect and for how long?

Since our offers may vary the time, please always refer to services’ descriptions and their specific FAQs.

Can I promote a social page (e.g. Facebook)?

We can promote social pages, but we can’t guarantee likes or followers.

Is this service safe for my website? will I be penalized by Google or any other entity?

We take every precaution in order to ensure quality and safety above everything else.
We never had any problem with Google (or any other entity) in these years of activity, however, there always is a percentage of risk when engaging with online services. Even though we always monitor the activity of our domains to keep them safe and clean from risks, Google can change its policies anytime, so something external to our job can trigger problems too.
However, We are up to our duties and you can count on our prompt intervention to always keep everything safe- we never failed!

What are the visitors going to see? Will they interact with my page?

Visitors will be free to browse your website without limitation; no frames or any other annoying banners are displayed.

Conversion, sales, or leads may be possible but they are not guaranteed. due to the genuine nature of our promotion.

From which countries will the traffic come? Do you offer custom traffic packages from specific countries?

Packages and geo-targeting options are listed. If you need a custom traffic package, kindly send us a message.

Can I block a specific country I don't wish to receive traffic from?

Feel free to specify that during your order note, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. If you need to restrict to specific countries, please put the countries into the order note or contact us for more information.

< Please be aware that your website will be analyzed on activation and monitored during the campaign to ensure it meets the security policies. When an invalid website is detected, the campaign may be suspended without notice.>

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]
Common Issues And Troubleshooting

My campaign has just started but I can't see visitors yet

Google Analytics isn’t real-time, although there is some limited real-time data you can get through the Real-Time reports.
For all other dates, it’s best to assume that Google Analytics is 24 hours behind. That being said, most small to average websites are safe to assume that Google Analytics is 6 to 8 hours behind.
Please also make sure to change the default report time to include today’s date.

After the first campaign, I don't see benefits in Google's SERP

Google’s SERP isn’t just a matter of traffic. You also need to work on the keywords and the content. Don’t be let down; some websites may require a month to skyrocket.

Will Google penalize me for the high bounce rate in my report?

No, absolutely. The data you see in your GA reports is only for your personal use, to track and understand how to optimize your website, but it’s not considered by Google. This quote is taken from Google forums:
“Google has publicly stated that they don’t use your site-specific GA metrics to influence organic search rankings.
E.g, they’re not taking data from your GA profile and feeding that if your site should rank better or worse. They have anonymous user interactions with sites at scale (e.g Chrome).”

I'm not getting any sales or conversions

We work very hard to provide you with the best quality traffic we can, but visitors’ actions can’t be controlled, therefore clicks, conversions, or sales can’t be guaranteed or promised.
We advise you to stay away from who is selling clicks and offering sure sales: there is no legit way to achieve that, or everybody would be rich!
Real businesses grow on patience and time, and we will help your chances of sales by sending real people to your page.
Even if you are not converting yet, continue tweaking your website, and don’t forget that you are still increasing your website’s ranking and visibility while waiting for sales!

My tracker stopped showing visitors

Google Analytics users a javascript code (the snippet) to send the information to the dashboard doesn’t receive the information anymore. it may accidentally happen when replacing the website’s template, updating a plugin, or manually modifying part of the code.
Just add the snippet again and everything should be working like before.

The URL shortener report shows a different date from mine

It’s totally normal to see a difference between trackers since they track visitors in two different ways. URL Shorteners, for instance, record every visitor accessing like Google Analytics rely on javascript which can result in less traffic tracked.
However, in case this difference is too high, you can try following Google’s official tutorial to improve the tracking script’s timing.

My tracker is not showing any visits, or it’s showing a different amount than the tracking link you provided / Bounce rate is high, or the time spent is less than a minute

– Before contacting us about this matter, please make sure that:
. Google Analytics or the tracker you are using is properly installed.
. You included the tracker’s javascript code in the page you submitted for promotion and the tracking for the sub-page is enabled.
. Make sure you placed the tracking snippet in the right section of the code.
. Check if you are receiving Direct traffic (section Acquisition —> Overview).
. Your website is loading fast enough to not interfere with tracking.

-Do not hesitate to contact us for additional help-, describing the issue and attaching a few screenshots of your traffic report (full page) in order for us to better understand and help you faster.

Why should I trust the report of the URL shortener? Is it accurate?

When you shorten a link with Google Shortener (or URL shorteners in general) shorter traffic for each visitor flowing through will be recorded. Unlike Google Analytics, it doesn’t need javascript to record visitors, making it very accurate, yet limited in features.

What does > unknown< mean in the report?

Despite the scary name, that simply means the traffic is Direct since it doesn’t have any referrer\souce. Google Shortener calls it>unknown<, other trackers might call it >no source<, but it’s always Direct traffic, and Google Analytics or javascript trackings, in general, will label it Direct, as globally recognized.

I've to head a lot of things about >fake< traffic and bots. What's your take on this?

Unfortunately, many traffic vendors do obtain visitors illegitimately, either by using bots (automatic software like auto surfers) or by tricking tracking to count an artificial hit as real. _This is not what we do_, and you are invited to analyze our traffic to confirm the genuine nature of our visitors.


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